20 April 2013

Family Photo

I've written so much about my grandfather/Papa, Walter, in the last few weeks but I've been hard pressed to find a decent photo of him. The photos we have of him seem to be blurry or the color is terribly faded. Here's a picture that I love. It's a picture of my mom being held by her father, Walter, in 1942. She looks so cute and Papa looks so dapper.


  1. She is dressed so sweetly, too. Just look at how the brim of his hat tilts against the brim of hers. He looks very proud to be with his daughter, and he looks like a strong father!

    1. A few weeks ago, I was just saying to my husband that i found that time period in men's clothing to be one of my favorites. When I suggested to him and my 17-year-old son that they bring back those fashionable hats, they weren't so enthusiastic. Lol.