03 March 2013

Lake County Indiana GenWeb Project Get's A Re-Do

Between my meniscus tear and subsequent surgery, it feels like my genealogy research and blogging is going just like my recovery: SLOW. There are certain genealogy-related sites that almost feel like old friends as I visit them so often. Because of my lack of being able to sit for very long, I feel like I’ve been neglecting some of my old friends. One of these sites is the Lake County Indiana GenWeb Project page. 


I’ve always kind of had a love/hate relationship with my old pal the Lake County InGenWeb. There was decent research info there and the Coordinator always seemed to work hard to add additional information often.  But, the layout and design seemed a little dated and looking for an interesting new tidbit kind of a chore.  So, when I paid my old friend a visit the other day, I was quite pleased to see she had gone through a remarkable transformation.  I barely recognized her! A website plastic surgery, so to speak, seems to have taken place.


I nearly let out a cat whistle when I saw the updated Lake County InGenWeb.  The graphics are new and reflect the area it represents.  The menu and records are clean and much easier to read and navigate.  There appears to be many more records provided.  There also seems to be more contributors adding info to the project.  


Kudos go to the project coordinator, Jeff Kemp.  Well done, sir! Please take the time to visit my friend, Lake County InGenWeb here . The ugly duckling has grown into a lovely swan.



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