12 February 2013

FamilySearch Indexing App No Longer Available

Being laid up after knee surgery, sitting with my laptop has really been restricted. Although it can't do all I need it to, my iPad's become pretty darn handy. I was thrilled to see a FamilySearch.org Indexing app in the Apple Store. A quick download and I was transcribing away at those faded ship manifests within minutes.

So, last night, when my knee decided to swell up like a grapefruit, I propped myself up in bed for a bit of indexing. After transcribing a few names, all that came up were blank pages on the app. I signed out, tried to log back in and no luck.

In my quest to see why I was denied, I found my answer on The Ancestry Insider. Seems the app's been discontinued for at least the time being. Hopefully, FamilySearch.org will realize its potential in this mobile world and bring it back soon. If you'd like to read the article at The Ancestry Insider, please click here: The Ancestry Insider

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