11 February 2013

Favorite Quotations by The Ladies Aid Society of the Cromwell, IN M.E. Church 1909

One of my prized possessions is a book which belonged to my 2nd great grandmother, Malinda Hitler Thomas.  Malinda was a member of The Ladies Aid Society of The Cromwell, IN M.E. Church.  In 1909, the ladies put together and published a book called “Favorite Quotations”.  I love that so many of the quotations can still ring true today.  But what is most amazing are the branches of so many family trees that run through it and how far away those branches reached.

Many of the ladies who belonged to The Ladies Aid Society started their lives on the east coast or Ohio.  In “Favorite Quotations”, you can see they reached out to relatives back east or had moved west from Indiana for quotes. Each quotation lists who submitted it and where they lived. For example, my grandmother probably asked her brother-in-law living in Wisconsin, Marion Berberich, or her nephew’s wife, M.S. Maggart, for a quote. Those quotes are included in the book.

“Favorite Quotations” is frayed and torn. It is also a touching tribute to the people who contributed to it.  I’d like to share it with you.  Every so often, I’ll post a quotation in hopes that it inspires or makes you smile, too.

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